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General Info
   About OSCAR
   The latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view and print credentials and vouchers. If you do not have this software, here's how to download a free copy.
   New York State USDOT Number Application MCS-150NY Form
   New York City Oversize/Overweight Permits
   New Jersey DOT Oversize/Overweight Permits
   New York State Thruway Authority Oversize/Overweight Permits
   MTA Bridges & Tunnels
   Port Authority Truckers' Resources
Participating Programs
   Highway use tax bulletins (by number)
   International Fuel Tax Agreement - See Publication 536
   IRP Processing Instructions
   International Registration Plan
   NYS DOT Oversize/Overweight Permits
Helpful Links
   IFTA E-file
   IFTA decal placement
   Form TMT-39: New Account Application for Highway Use Tax (HUT) and Automotive Fuel Carrier (AFC)
   Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
   UCR Requirements for Commercial Motor Carriers.
   HUT decal placement
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Notices as of December 06, 2018:

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The time to renew is almost over. The current 22nd Series Highway Use Tax Certificates of Registration and decals are valid through December 31, 2018.

Renew your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) credentials and pay your renewal fees by December 31, 2018; you must place your 2019 decals on your vehicles before March 1, 2019. Current IFTA credentials are valid through February 28, 2019.
OSCAR - Five New York State agencies involved in regulating motor carrier activities have designed a one stop shopping Web site which allows the industry a single point of contact to apply, change, pay for, and receive the operating credentials for HUT/AFC, IFTA, IRP and OS/OW.
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The following functions can be performed:
   Obtain Tax Clearance Card
   Obtain HUT certificate(s)
   Request duplicate HUT certificate(s)
   Revise HUT certificate(s)
   Cancel HUT certificate(s)
   Obtain IFTA decals
   Add a vehicle to IRP fleet
   Transfer license plates
   Convert a Commercial Registration to an Apportioned Registration
   Replace IRP Plate/Cab Card
   NYS DOT Special Hauling Permits
Registration Info
   Get USDOT #
   Forms for HUT, IFTA, IRP
   Set up NYSDOT Oversize/Overweight Permit account to obtain a customer number
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